Sophia Loren was a legend in Italian film, and her beauty, charm, and undeniable charisma captivated viewers. She was a role model for many because she was so feminine and beautiful throughout her work.

Her acting skills shone in many famous films, strengthening her status as an eternal icon.

Sophia Loren still walks the red carpet, acts in films and shows up at social events even though she is 88 years old. Even though getting older comes with problems like being unable to move around as easily and having a visible tremor, she walks with pride.

Even though Sophia Loren has had plastic surgery to slow down the ageing process, she knows that time is passing.

Now, her real beauty comes from how wise and graceful she is.

Fans may feel nostalgic when they see new pictures of her, which shows how much her old screen persona has stuck with them.

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