The sad news came from Buckingham Palace today: King Charles, who is 75 years old, has been diagnosed with cancer. The doctor found out about the diagnosis during a normal surgery to treat benign prostate enlargement. No information has been given about the type of cancer or its stage.

In a statement, the Palace said, “Further diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer.” Today was the first day of His Majesty’s regular treatment plan. Even though he has been diagnosed, King Charles plans to limit his public visits while still doing his job for the government.

Even though the news is bad, King Charles is still determined and hopeful. He appreciated the help of his medical team and is looking forward to getting back to work soon. His choice to be open about his diagnosis is meant to put an end to rumours and help people who are going through similar problems.

The Palace said that updates on King Charles’ health will be given as his treatment goes on. As a result of the news, people all over the country and the world have sent their support and best wishes to the monarch during this trying time.

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