It’s true that beauty comes in many forms, but Ashley Graham is breaking down those ideas. With her confidence and magnetic personality, this plus-size icon goes against the norm.

Ashley is often seen in high-end magazines and on famous fashion shows, and she’s not afraid to try new styles. Her millions of fans want to live their lives to the fullest and love the beauty that makes them special.

Ashley recently came out even stronger after having a hard time while she was pregnant with twins, Malakaiya and Roman. Some people were wondering if Ashley would quit modelling. She did take a well-deserved break, but she never stopped loving the business.

She’s back with a bang now! She is on the pages of magazines, walks the runways, and shows up at important events. Her style after giving birth is always an example, especially for women who are plus-size. Ashley works closely with a stylist to find looks that make her feel good about her body and make it look good.

Ashley isn’t afraid to make a statement, so she recently posted a picture of herself in a lemon-colored swimmers walking with her signature high waist. Fans love how real she is; unlike many celebs, Ashley looks stunning even without makeup or underwear on.

Ashley Graham is not only a model, but also a role model who shows us that real beauty comes from accepting ourselves and being happy with who we are.

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