Many Selena Gomez fans are confused by the clothes she wears these days. Selena, who used to be seen as a fashion star, doesn’t seem to be as good at fashion as she used to be. Some people are guessing why she changed, while others are just hoping she can get back to her old glory.

After her breakup with Justin Bieber got a lot of attention, Selena stayed out of the public eye for a while. Fans were worried about her health, but she recently revealed that she is dating music producer Benny Blanco, who likes to keep his personal life away from public attention.

The interesting thing is that Selena’s fashion choices seem to have changed around the same time that she started dating someone new. It’s not the first time Selena’s weight has changed. She had a kidney donation in 2016 and put on weight while she was healing. She did, however, change her style very well and looked as beautiful as ever. This time, it looks like it will be hard to find the same mix.

A recent picture taken by reporters gave people hope. Selena was seen wearing a dress with open shoulders that fell just above her knees. Wearing slip-on shoes with the outfit was a smart way to hide her bigger legs. The dress’s cinched waist also made her stomach look smaller, so it was almost invisible in the picture.

Fans naturally wrote a lot of comments on social media about how much weight she seemed to have lost. Some even said things about diet pills that weren’t true because they didn’t know how powerful the right clothes could be. This event serves as a reminder of how beautiful Selena can look when she dresses well. We hope that her most recent trip is a sign that she is getting back into fashion!

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