Madea thinks she sees a little girl in a white dress but May assures her it is nothing. Madea insists she saw a girl and slams on the brakes, narrowly avoiding an accident. They argue about what Madea might have hit, with Madea convinced it was a deer and May thinking it was a figment of Madea’s imagination.

Suddenly, the mood turns serious as Madea hears what sounds like a little girl crying. May pleads with Madea to pull over and investigate, but Madea is afraid.

An argument ensues, with May accusing Madea of being a coward. Madea eventually relents, and they both get out of the car to investigate.

Madea is hesitant and keeps urging May to get back in the car. May ventures further into the woods, and Madea calls out after her.

May finds a young girl lying on the ground, seemingly injured. Madea warns May that giving the girl water won’t help, but May insists on helping her.

Madea seems apprehensive about the situation and tries to convince May to leave the girl behind. May accuses Madea of having a criminal record and warns her that they need to help the girl.

The situation escalates as an unseen force lifts May up into the air. Madea screams for May to get back down and tries to pull her to safety.

May cries out in fear and flees into the woods. Madea calls after her but May disappears.

Panicked, Madea tries to get back into the car, but she discovers that the car won’t start. She is left stranded on the side of the deserted road, alone and afraid.

The clip ends with Madea looking around frantically, wondering where May has gone and what lurks in the darkness.

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