In the middle of all the star drama, some recent news stories have shocked the entertainment industry. The shocking news that Justin Bieber wants full custody of his son Rain has put him and reality TV star Courtney Kardashian back in the spotlight. For years, rumours have been going around that they are dating, but Bieber’s proof of their relationship makes the story even more interesting.

Fans and other people have been shocked by the truth about their relationship, even though they tried to hide it. The news that they are dating makes people wonder about the order of events leading up to Rain’s birth and how Courtney’s relationships were at the time.

Justin Bieber asked for full custody of Reign, and Kourtney Kardashian went crazy. Click here to watch the video.

People have noticed that Bieber and Rain look a lot alike, from their smiles to their faces. This has led to more rumours about Bieber’s claim of paternity. The uncanny parallels are strong proof of a biological link between father and son, which goes against what people thought Rain’s parents were.

The time that Courtney was pregnant with Rain happened around the same time that she and her ex-boyfriend, Scott Disick, were said to be splitting up, which makes things more complicated. There were problems in Courtney’s relationship with Disick at the same time that rumours of her close friendship with Bieber started to spread. This made people wonder what kind of relationship they had.

When asked about her relationship with Bieber, Courtney has been coy, which has led to more rumours about what their real relationship is. Even though she tries to keep up a casual front, small changes in her behaviour show that there are bigger problems going on underneath.

Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber have been seeing each other for a while now.

As Bieber fights for custody of Rain and claims his parental rights, the Kardashian family is caught in a web of legal and personal problems. Courtney is worried about being investigated by the law and possibly having consequences for things she did in the past. This adds to the stress of a situation that was already very difficult.

There is a lot of scandal and rumours in the world of star drama. The search for truth and justice takes place amidst fame, money, and family ties. The end of this story will definitely have big effects on everyone involved, putting their strength and ability to bounce back from tough situations to the test.

Fans and people who are just watching are still mesmerised by the turns and twists of this celebrity story. Time will tell how this story ends, but one thing is for sure: people all over the world will continue to be interested in the truth behind Bieber’s claim of fatherhood and how it has affected the Kardashian family.

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