Are selfies in the shower really “in” now?
Nicki Minaj says that they are.

The rapper known as Super Bass posted a bunch of ne���e˗ fans on Instagram on Wednesday for no reason.

Making shower selfies “happen,” rapper Nicki Minaj posted this naked picture of herself on Wednesday for no clear reason.

Nicki shared too many pictures, which must have made her fans happy, but she didn’t put any words on them, so no one knew why she did it.

It’s possible that the 31-year-old rapper is sick of how fussy she looks.

It was recently said that Nicki is being sued for copying the looks of wigs.

Putting on a shy face? Nicki, stop it! Minaj plays coy before she posts a naughty picture to her millions of Instagram fans+

Nicki posts yet another naughty picture of herself on Wednesday+

Nicki’s fans were probably shocked when they saw that the rapper chose to post a lot of naked pictures on Instagram on Wednesday+.

Terrence Davidson, who styled her hair and made her wigs, wants at least $30 million because he says she cheated him out of millions of dollars and gives him credit for the designs. says that he planned to file a case in Atlanta district court on February 21st in the morning.

He is suing for the “fresh, hip, and unique wigs,” such as the pink upper bun wig, the pink high top wig, the fox fur wig, the half-blonde, half-pink wig, and the Super Bass wig.

What’s this old thing? Nicki posted a lot of naked selfies on Wednesday.

The “fresh, hip, and unique wigs” that “significantly contributed to Minaj’s unsurpassed notoriety for her wigs” were made by his lawyers.

A lawyer for Davidson named Christopher Chestnut says, “Her lawyers may make it harder, but we don’t need to get into intellectual property law.” This is basic morals in the US. This man was lied to and let down by Nicki Minaj.

The two started working together in January 2010, before Nicki’s first record, Pink Friday, became a big hit.

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