People were fascinated by newly discovered video of Jane Fonda strolling through New York City on February 14. Even though Fonda is getting close to her 87th birthday, she still seems young because of her classic style.

She wears a classic trench coat with ease, which is a French-inspired style staple known for bringing out a woman’s beauty and slimming the figure. With a bright orange scarf and bag that go with it, her outfit gives off a sense of youth that makes her look years younger.

Sharing her desire to remain independent, Fonda stresses her desire to be involved in daily activities such as playing with her grandchildren and taking care of her belongings without help. When Fonda thinks back on her workout routine, she recognises the changes that come with getting older but stresses how important it is to stay active.

Fonda may not follow her old exercise plans anymore, but she still makes time for activities like walking and light weightlifting, which shows how important it is to stay active even if your body isn’t able to do everything.

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