Piper, two, had a huge meltdown when she found out that her new baby sister was on her way home from the hospital. The whole thing was caught on camera and is both touching and funny. The cute toddler’s response quickly won over viewers all over the world, showing the range of feelings that come with having an older sibling.

With tears running down her cheeks and her arms flailing in shock, Piper’s response was priceless. Piper’s world seemed to fall apart when her parents told her the news. Her tiny voice showed a mix of shock, confusion, and maybe even a little jealousy at the thought of sharing the stage with a new baby.

Even though Piper didn’t want a baby sister at first, her parents told her that she would always be their beautiful little girl and that the new baby would only bring more love and joy into their lives. Piper may need some time to get used to being a big sister, but one thing is for sure: her response will be remembered for years to come as a picture of how magical and unpredictable childhood can be.

The cute video of Piper’s rage is still going around the internet. It’s a funny reminder that sometimes the hardest parts of being a parent are the ones that bring the most happiness. That being said, what could be more precious than seeing a child’s pure expression of love, joy, and even some family rivalry?

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