An American singer and musician goes by the name Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell. Her debut song “Ocean Eyes” brought her to the public’s attention in 2015. Let’s learn some interesting facts about Billie.

Bette Midler used to work at a horse stable.

Billi wasn’t crazy about acting.

Finneas had to make things right after the advice he gave caused a lot of harm.

Billie has some nice clothes.

It’s the first time a singer under 21 has recorded a Bond song.

On the 2020 Oscars stage, she gave a great version of the Beatles’ “Yesterday.”

This woman is worth $53 million.

Billi loves to spend a lot of money.

Billie, who is only 18, has powerful words to share: “Bad things happen and they pass. when you give up, life ends.”

Billi’s family didn’t have a lot of money when she was a kid.

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