Timothee Chalamet, who played the lead role in Call Me By Your Name, is a rising star in Hollywood. This 22-year-old actor was nominated for an award for Outstanding Lead Actor for his unique part and performance in Call Me By Your Name. Another movie in the running for the 2018 Oscar for Best Picture is Call Me By Your Name.

Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Jennifer in The Hunger Games, recently said that she has her eye on Timothee in a share. Timothee was called “hot” by the 27-year-old actress, but her praise may have made her doubt his age because of his too-milky face. Jennifer happily said she would try to wait until the star came back before she thought about her “action plan.”

Jennifer told Entertainment Tonight, “I didn’t know he was so young.” She then added, “Timothée, I’ll wait until you’re a little older.”

“Tell him to wait!” Jennifer kept going and then, finally, asked, “Is he 18 yet?” “Is he 15?”

In fact, Timothee Chalamet is 22 years old. There is another film by Timothee, Lady Bird, that is competing for the 2018 Oscar for Best Film, along with Call Me By Your Name.

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