There are new rumours that Jennifer Hudson is dating Erica Badu’s ex-boyfriend Common because of her current legal battle with Jennifer Hudson. There are many rumours that Erica has a magical power to attract guys. Jennifer is said to have banned Erica from her show because she was afraid she would bring Common back.

Even with all the drama, Erica still doesn’t understand why the media is so interested in her love life.

During a guest visit on Jennifer’s show, Common made a reference to their relationship without naming her by name. The rumours about them started in 2012, when they worked together on the movie “Breathe” and were seen together at different events. But people who know Common well said that his relationship with Erica was tense; he felt both attracted to and uncomfortable around her.

Some rappers, like Cameron and Glasses Malone, have talked freely about Erica’s allure, which is often compared to a spell or mystique. Cameron in particular promised to stay away from Erica because she was said to be able to change men’s personalities after they slept with her.

Erica’s studio, which she lovingly calls “Bedio,” is said to have seductive powers because it is filled with rare instruments. She has also admitted to using strange methods, such as putting ashes from her pants into perfumes, which adds to her mysterious image.

Despite the rumours and guesses, Erica is not bothered by them. She jokes that her attractiveness comes from the hat she wears. She has even talked about the rumours that she is very good in bed, saying that her power is in her mind, not between her legs.

There are many sides to the story of how Erica and Common broke up. Common says that Erica broke up with him because she liked someone else. Erica, on the other hand, makes hints about cheating and says that men, including Common, need to chase.

Common’s later high-profile relationships with other celebrities have led to more rumours about his love life after his breakup with Erica. Some people think that Erica’s claimed magical influence is to blame for his problems, while others think that there are deeper problems in their relationship.

Erica Badu is still a mysterious figure in Hollywood, and her claimed mystical charm continues to captivate both fans and the media. Even though there are rumours and drama in Erica’s love life, she stays focused on her work and keeping her mystery. Erica Badu continues to amaze and intrigue those who meet her, whether it’s her studio, her fragrances, or the rumours about her abilities. She leaves a lasting impression that goes beyond just star gossip.

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