Since his split from Holmes, Tom Cruise doesn’t seem to spend much time with his daughter Suri. Holmes now has full care of Suri and lives with her in New York City. Suri and her father were last seen in public together in 2012, when they went to Disneyland. That was almost ten years ago.

Katie Holmes’s split shocked Cruise.

There are three kids with Tom Cruise. His ex-wife Nicole Kidman has custody of his only son, Connor Cruise, and his oldest daughter, Isabella “Bella” Cruise. They took Bella and Connor in as their own when they got married.

Suri Cruise walking her new puppy with a friend in Soho, New York City, NY, USA on March 14, 2022. Photo by Dylan Travis/ABACAPRESS.COM

He only has one real child, a daughter named Suri, who he shares with his second ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

To end her marriage to Cruise, Holmes did a lot. She even used hidden phones and met with her lawyers alone.

She shocked him by divorcing him. He later said that Holmes had left “to protect Suri” from some ideas.

** FOR USE WITH YEAR END–FILE **U.S. actor Tom Cruise, right, and U.S. actress Katie Holmes with their daughter Suri, who became engaged in June 2005, hold hands as they leave their hotel in Rome, in this Nov. 16, 2006, file photo. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia/FILE)

There was news that Suri, who is 17, is beginning to apply to college. Cruise will not be able to decide where she goes, though.

Tom Cruise wasn’t told he couldn’t see Suri, but his relationship with Katie Holmes is troubled.

In 2013, Cruise told his lawyers about the situation in an open way. He said that things aren’t always great when things change because of a breakup.

By March 2023, an unnamed person said that Cruise doesn’t have much of a role in the life of his daughter Suri. The source suggested that the actor’s beliefs might be one reason for their long-distance relationship, but

Tom Cruise with his wife Katie Holmes and their daughter Suri during a visit at the Zoo in Berlin, GERMANY-12/08/2007./0708130822 00547911

He could stay in touch with her if he wanted to.

“Even people who are locked up can see their kids.” “This is his loss, his issue, and his trouble.”

In just 11 days, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes finalised their divorce deal. Cruise did not get custody of their daughter Suri Cruise during the talks, which was not what was expected. In its place,

He was only given the right to visit. The cruise line can go to Suri for up to 10 days every month.

Suri is very important to Tom Cruise.

According to information given to Hollywood Life in April 2019, even though Tom and Suri don’t see each other very often, he still loves her. The source said that Tom’s love for his daughter hasn’t changed, even though they’ve had problems. They also said that Tom didn’t plan for this to happen when he got married to Katie and started a family. He wants to make things right between them in the future.

Suri Cruise walking her new puppy with a friend in Soho, New York City, NY, USA on March 14, 2022. Photo by Dylan Travis/ABACAPRESS.COM

Still, the main reason Suri isn’t close to her dad is that Katie and Cruise’s relationship isn’t being taken care of.

Suri’s costs are covered by Tom Cruise.

By 2023, Suri had sent applications to many schools. Katie really wanted her to stay in New York so that they could stay close. Katie loves her daughter very much, but she is too careful with her.

The source also said that Tom wasn’t active in Suri’s college choice, but he would have been.

as agreed in their private divorce deal, he will pay for her school fees.

When two people get divorced, their relationships can get very complicated. When a marriage ends, people often feel a lot of different feelings, from hurt and anger to longing and regret. Relationships after a split can be complicated by things like co-parenting plans, money issues, and feelings that don’t go away.

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