The host and the author of “And Then We Rise: A Guide to Loving and Taking Care of Self” talk about where they went to school and what they want in a partner.

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Hudson, the star of the Jennifer Hudson Show, had the famous rapper and actor Common as a guest.

Hudson started the show by saying she was excited to freestyle her welcome for Common. She talked about how they both grew up in Chicago and how much they admired each other’s achievements.

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As Common walked onto the stage to cheers, everyone was excited to see what the conversation would be about.

Hudson and Common talked about how they grew up in Chicago and how proud they are of their neighborhood as they got to know each other better.

Common stressed how important it was for him to promote Chicago everywhere he went, and Hudson agreed with him. This showed how close they are as fellow Chicagoans.

Things took a different turn when Hudson, as the host, asked about Common’s relationship situation, which is something that fans often want to know.

Hudson asked Common if he was seeing anyone in a friendly but fun way.

Common responded that he was in a relationship with someone he thought was one of the nicest and most beautiful people he had ever met.

Jennifer Hudson | LA Times Phil

His praise of her brains, faith in God, and skills set high standards for what he wants in a partner.

Hudson replied that she was in a happy relationship in return for Common’s honesty.

She talked about her partner as someone whose happiness makes her happy and stressed how important it was for God to guide their relationship.

Hudson and Common both said they were thankful for the love and happiness they have found. They said their happiness was due to their faith and the fact that they respected each other’s privacy.

During the whole talk, Hudson and Common seemed very friendly and comfortable with each other.

Their shared experiences as artists and as people trying to figure out their relationships gave their conversations more meaning, which viewers found interesting.

Hudson told viewers that to see more, they should subscribe to the Jennifer Hudson Show’s YouTube account and go to the show’s website.

She thanked Common for being a nice guest and said she was looking forward to more shows.

Overall, the Common episode on the Jennifer Hudson Show gave viewers a close look into the lives of two successful artists who are connected by their shared Chicago roots and beliefs.

Their honest talk about love, faith, and happiness made me think about how important it is to be real and connect with others in both personal and work settings.

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