As the sun went down, it cast a soft glow over the nursery. Baby Simeon, who was only a week old, was lying in his warm bed, wrapped in soft blues. One soft hum from a song played in the background, but the room was otherwise quiet. In this peaceful scene, little Simeon started to mutter while he was sound asleep. His tiny lips moved like they were in a dream, making soft whispers that no one could understand. It was like he was telling stories from a land that only babies remember, speaking in the mysterious language of children. His voice was like a fine thread running through his dreams.

Little Simeon, who is one week old, moves around slowly in his sleep in the soft, dim light of the nursery. His tiny lips move and make sounds that are hard to understand. This is a baby’s way of talking while they sleep. The room is very quiet. The only sounds are Simeon whispering and the soft hum of a lullaby coming from a close cell phone. He moves his small hands back and forth as if he were holding on to the threads of dreams. He sometimes gets a short smile on his face while he sleeps, which makes me think of how sweet and simple his dream world must be.

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