As a baby tries avocado for the first time, the stage is set for a funny little journey. In the blink of an eye, her face goes from wide-eyed excitement to funny disgust. When the creamy green spoonful gets close, her eyes get as big as saucers. But as soon as she tastes the avocado, her face scrunches up, her eyebrows dart down, and she makes the cutest frown. This woman may not be saying it out loud, but her face says, “No thank you!” This cute response not only makes everyone laugh, but it’s also the first of many tasty things she will find in her young life. Every frown and laugh is a fun moment in her journey of discovering new tastes.

A little taste tester is getting ready for her very first experience with avocado in a kitchen that is full of excitement. With a camera and big smiles, her parents can’t wait to see how she reacts. With her interest aroused, the baby looks at the spoon with suspicion as it comes closer. When she puts the first bit of green on her tongue, her face twists into a funny shock and disgust look. When she doesn’t like something, her eyes get bigger, her nose gets wrinkled, and her mouth forms a “O.” People around her start laughing as her dramatic answer plays out. It’s clear that this baby doesn’t like avocados. Even though she didn’t like the food, the room is full of laughter and happiness as everyone enjoys this cute and funny finding.

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