A mum who was made fun of for having a ‘big’ baby bump won’t give in to the negative views about pregnancy.

She just had her second child, Sebastian, and is now 29 years old. Born to Eliana Rodriguez. People said things like “You are gigantic,” “You seem to be expecting twins,” and “Have you looked to see if there’s another kid in there” about Rodriguez’s bigger-than-average stomach, even though both she and her baby were healthy. She was pregnant, and both she and her future child were healthy. It must be really painful for her.

A big bump during pregnancy could mean that something is wrong with the woman’s health, but it could also just be normal because her body is growing. Rodriguez told her that she and her child are both in good health.

“I was very pregnant, and both of my babies weighed 8.3 pounds when they were born.” Sofia, my 3-year-old daughter, was 19.5 inches long when she was born, and my new son was 20.5 inches.

Rodriguez said that people who are nosy in real life are generally just as easy to ignore as trolls on Instagram.

Rodriguez said she knew that people were interested, but she had never been rude in return. “Yes, I’m big and it’s hard,” I answer.

Rodriguez, a health and wellness-focused business owner in Las Vegas, Nevada, said, “I thought about why my stomach was bigger than other girls’.” Because I am only 4’11” tall and have a short frame, my doctors told me it was normal.

Rodriguez began to show up two months ago.

She went on, “I’m an open person, so I was thrilled that I wanted to share.” It had been our hope to have a boy as our second child.

Rodriguez had a lot of amniotic fluid in her body while she was pregnant. This fluid fills the foetal sac and protects the foetus while still letting it move.

“Polyhydramnios,” according to the Mayo Clinic, is an extra that happens in 1% to 2% of births. It can cause early labour in some cases, but most of the time it doesn’t cause any problems.

Rodriguez said that her doctors told her she did not have polyhydramnios even though she had a lot of amniotic fluid.

They checked the baby’s weight and amount of fluids, she said.

According to OBGYN Dr. Kiarra King, an OBGYN in Chicago, Illinois, who did not treat Rodriguez, other reasons for the extra fluid include diabetes in the mother and genetic problems in the baby.

Also, polyhydramnios is not the main reason a pregnant woman has a bigger belly. A person may look further along in their pregnancy than they really are if they have foetal macrosomia, mother obesity, or Diastasis Recti, which is when the abdominal muscles separate during pregnancy after previous pregnancies.

Thank goodness Rodriguez didn’t have any of these issues.

Rodriguez made it clear that she didn’t want people to make comments about her pregnancy or body while she was answering the rude questions. She said that women who are depressed during pregnancy or after giving birth may end up “in a terrible place” because of negative comments about their bodies.

Rodriguez said, “I understand that some people care less about other people.” “I am a religious woman, and I feel so bad for people who say mean things,” she said.

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