At least he’s in the new comedy “Not Another Church Movie,” which comes out Friday. In this big-budget parody, the famous director and his group of characters are just having fun.

Kevin Daniels as Madude: “Your honour, I’m so sorry to have caused you trouble this morning. Now, all of this could be thrown away.” “Let me tell you a story about my cousin Vageena.”

That’s not Madea arguing her case in court. Madude in “Not Another Church Movie” is played by Kevin Daniels. He was excited about the job and ready to start.

Kevin Daniels: ‘Man, when I read the story, I thought, ‘Wait, someone is going to make a movie that makes fun of all the Tyler Perry movies, and they want me to be in it?” “Yes, please, please, please!”

He didn’t have to act like he was excited about the gig.

Kevin Daniels: “Well, I watched these films when I was a kid.” As a child, I liked seeing all the crazy characters he made up.

Kevin also plays a part called “Taylor Pherry” that is based on Tyler Perry.

Kevin Daniels, as Taylor Pherry: “Today I feel very blessed.”

There is one small difference between how his name sounds and how it is spelt.

“Why is it that counsellor Pharry?” asked Vivica Fox as Judge L’Oreal.

Kevin Daniels as Taylor Pherry: “It’s pronounced Harry, Taylor Harry where the P is silent.”

Fox, who plays Judge L’Oreal, asked Mary, “You got that?”

“Yes, your honour, his P don’t work,” said Lydia Styslinger as Mary.

Through the whole movie, there are lots of fun acts. Judge L’Oreal is played by Vivica A. Fox.

Fox, who plays Judge L’Oreal, said, “Damn it, case closed.”

Micky Rourke plays the bad guy.

“The Devil is in the Details,” said Mickey Rourke as the bad guy.

And Jamie Foxx is the perfect choice to play a cool God.

Jamie Foxx as God: “Today is usually my day off, but I feel like doing something. Hashtag holy Davidson — holy Davidson.”

The Almighty by Jamies wasn’t the director’s first pick.

John Mack had the story and told Queen Latifah, ‘Hey, I want to give this to her. I’d love for her to play God.'” After reading the story, Jamie told Johnny Mack, “You know what? I think Queen Latifah’s too busy. I’ll do it, I’ll do God.”

Kevin loved Tyler Perry so much when he walked in. He’s even more confused by him now that he’s played Madude, Madea’s twin sister.

“All this body suit and wigs, the heat, and the make-up!” Kevin Daniels said. I was impressed and thought, “Does he do this for every movie?”

Kevin Daniels as Madude: “Oh no, I’m going to get your money.”

“Know what you’ll get? You’ll get this petrol money,” said Deacon Randle as Marcus.

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