Representative Ilhan Omar, a liberal Democrat, recently spoke out against Tara Reade’s claims that Joe Biden raped her in 1993. Even though Omar believes what Reade says, she has said that she will vote for Biden in the next election to stop Trump from being re-elected.

“Justice can be delayed, but it should never be denied,” Omar told the British newspaper Sunday Times about her view. Biden has always rejected Reade’s claims, but he has also said that it’s important to believe survivors. While talking to MSNBC, he said that people who believe Reade “probably shouldn’t vote for [him].”

Omar said on Twitter that she would continue to support survivors and that she planned to vote for Biden to stand up to Trump. But it’s important to note that Tara Reade has problems with trustworthiness. Her lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, who has helped victims of famous people like Harvey Weinstein, has stopped working with her.

Readinge had said in a 2018 case that her work with Biden’s staff was a qualification because she helped get a client a life sentence. Even though this may have been a good experience for Reade, it is important to look at all of her trustworthiness when it comes to the claims she is making against Biden right now.

Taking all the available information into account, it’s important to approach these claims with care and an open mind. The upcoming election is very important, and people like Representative Ilhan Omar are trying to figure out how to support a candidate while also dealing with serious accusations. We can make better decisions as voters if we understand the details of this case.

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