The media never stopped looking into Michael Jackson’s life and spreading stories and accusations about his personal life. Many people were greatly saddened by his death, especially his sister Janet Jackson, with whom he had a close relationship. Janet was in a lot of pain after Michael died, which made her want to find the truth even more. After 15 years, Janet Jackson has chosen to share shocking new information about her brother’s life. We invite you to join us as we explore Janet Jackson’s ideas and the shocking truths that lie below the surface.

A musical fate and a strict upbringing

Michael Jackson said a lot of times that music was the fate of his family. As kids in Gary, Indiana, the Jackson family got into singing early on, thanks to their dad Joe Jackson, who saw their skills and helped them grow. Joe was known for being very strict with his kids. To make sure their acts were perfect, he made them practice for hours on end. But Michael later felt bad about this method because he felt like he lost his childhood and felt pressured to grow up too quickly in an adult world.

Family dynamics and relationships that are tense

The Jackson children had complicated ties with both their father and each other. Janet Jackson said that Michael used to call her things like “pig” and “cow” because she was fat, which hurt her a lot even though they laughed about it. They had a big change in their friendship after Michael became famous with the album Thriller in 1982. Janet remembered how they began to move apart, especially when they worked together on the 1995 song “Scream.” The space between them during the music video shoot showed how far apart they were getting, which was a painful reminder that the bond they used to have was changing.

Janet Jackson Claims Michael Jackson Would Call Her 'Pig' and 'Cow' | Us  Weekly

Dealing with Loss and Looking for Answers

Janet had a hard time dealing with her sadness after Michael Jackson died in June 2009 from a cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of the anesthetic propofol. She pushed her feelings down at first, but now she’s starting to deal with her brother’s death because she knows she needs to for her own health. Janet said she thinks about Michael every day, even though she knows it’s hard to move on.

The Mysteries and Plans Behind Michael’s Death

The cause of Michael Jackson’s death is still unknown. At least ten years before he died, he was said to have asked for propofol to help him sleep. Medical experts’ statements showed how badly he wanted to sleep, even though the drug was known to be dangerous. Others in Michael Jackson’s family, including Janet Jackson, think that his death wasn’t an accident but was planned. Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson agreed with these ideas and said that her father’s death was planned. Even though these claims are controversial, they show that the Jackson family is still looking for answers and justice.

The things Janet Jackson said help us understand better how the Jackson family works, which can be difficult at times. They also shed light on the problems, secrets, and pressures that shaped their lives.

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