People will always remember Ian as a great Master of Hounds. He held this important job in the Beaufort Hunt for an amazing 34 years.

In an emotional post on Instagram, the Beaufort Hunt said they were very sad about the death of their respected boss. During those years, Captain Ian Farquhar was a pleasure to have as their captain. His death was peaceful this week.

Many people who were lucky enough to go on trips with him had a lot of respect for him and called him “Captain.” He was not only friendly and helpful, but he was also full of great ideas.

“Those who were lucky enough to spend time with him would always remember how exciting and different his life was as a hunter and in the army.”

Captain Farquhar loved his family, his dogs, and his hunts the most. When he gets to the great beyond, a whole pack of excited dogs will be waiting for him, ready to see their beloved captain again.

“A real gentleman who cared about his country.” It will be very sad to lose Captain Ian Farquhar.

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