August Alsina got involved in a public relationship while he was becoming famous, which made people look at him and wonder about his relationship. Jaden Smith and August became friends out of the blue even though they grew up with adults instead of their peers. Even though they are different ages, a video from 2018 that was found again showed that Jaden liked hanging out with older people and that he preferred deep talks to shallow ones.

Jaden Smith turned 25 today. Here’s the shocking story of how he “shattered” his dad Will Smith’s heart | HELLO!

In June 2020, August made his relationship with Jaden’s mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, public, which changed the course of the story. At first, the claims were brushed off as false, but they were later admitted during a Red Table Talk session. Jada made it clear that she and Will Smith were not together when they got involved, which shed light on her emotional relationship with August while he was sick.

As news of the scandal spread, people on the internet felt sorry for Will Smith, which was clear from the way he looked sad in public. August put out the song “Entanglements,” in which he talked about how much he missed Jada. The words, which were full of references to their relationship, made people even more interested.

Jaden Smith turns 25: the shocking story of the moment he 'shattered' dad  Will Smith's heart | HELLO!

While Jaden decided not to talk about it in public, Willow Smith praised her parents’ honesty on Red Table Talk and said she was proud of how open they were. The Smith family was watched closely by the public, but they seemed to handle it together.

“I Am Becoming a Full-Time Inventor” is what Jaden Smith is saying about his new job.

The fight came up again in 2022, when Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscars. August replied in a mysterious way, calling for peace in the midst of chaos. He put out the song “Shake the World,” which was a reference to being cancelled and linked to the most popular song in the world.

Jaden Smith Is Changing Professions: 'I Am Becoming a Full-Time Inventor' |  Complex

Even though there were rumours of a “tell-all” book, August made it clear on Instagram that he had no plans to write about his love life. He stressed that his main goals were to grow as a person and bring peace to people whose hearts had been broken.

People are still interested in the entanglement drama, but it looks like Jaden and August’s friendship is getting worse. Fans talk about the strange events that brought them together, but they also know that their friendship could end because of how complicated and troubled relationships are in Hollywood.

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