Cassie and Diddy aren’t allowed to talk about each other in public.
That Diddy left Cassie’s name out of his apology video from last week, TMZ reported on May 20. This is because both Diddy and Cassie signed a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Because of the paperwork, neither side can talk about the other in public.

Diddy released an apology video this past weekend (May 19), in which he fully admitted to the horrible attack on Cassie in 2016 that was caught on surveillance video and obtained by CNN last Friday (May 17). The rap mogul didn’t say Cassie’s name when he thought about how wrong what he did was. Due to the fact that the NDA is legally binding, Diddy could not even say sorry in her name.

The agreement not to talk about the case was part of a settlement Cassie reached with Diddy in 2023. In addition to other shocking claims, she said Diddy had raped her and hurt her. Cassie also talked about what happened in 2016 that was caught on the hotel’s surveillance film.

Diddy is said to have had Cassie have a “freak off,” which is what they called their sexual encounters with male strippers before the attack that was caught on camera at the hotel. During the event, Diddy hit Cassie in the face while he was drunk. When he was asleep, Cassie tried to leave, but Diddy chased her down the hall. He then hit her hard by kicking her, pulling her body across the floor, and throwing a vase at her. Because he paid the hotel $50,000 for the video, it looks like Diddy had the video that has been going around the internet for five days.

They ended Cassie’s case the next day after she filed it in November of last year. It looks like Diddy is still being sued for at least four more things. Another woman sued Diddy for drugging and sexually assaulting her when she was in college a week after Cassie’s case became public in late 2023. Another woman, who was only 17 years old at the time and was named Jane Doe, sued Diddy, saying that he sexually attacked her by Puff and R&B singer Aaron Hall.

A third woman sued Diddy, former Bad Boy head Harve Pierre, and an unnamed man, saying they trafficked her across state lines as a high school student and raped her in a recording studio in Manhattan, New York, in 2003. For Diddy’s “The Love Album: Off the Grid,” producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones sued, saying that while working on the album, Rod was sexually abused, harassed, and not paid in full.

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