A pregnant Indiana woman needed an emergency C-section. Her difficult path began there. Her husband prayed through months of coma.
Autumn and Zack Carver eagerly awaited their third child. Teens met and fell in love. They didn’t anticipate 2021’s heartbreak.

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Autumn and Zack got sick in her ninth month of pregnancy. The loving mother had Huxley in the hospital. He was well and happy, but his mom in the ICU was dying.
The couple’s happiest day was ruined. It was Zack’s “worst day.”

Autumn’s primary doctor advised Zack to turn off the machines after two months on life support because she didn’t think she would survive. Zack never doubted his wife’s recovery.
Everyone loved it, especially the ailing mom. The unique meeting answered Zack’s prayer.
He prayed for her 24/7 and had an army of online prayer warriors believing in a miracle. They believed despite a 0% survival rate.

“I don’t know life without her,” Zack stated of Autumn. He asked the physicians to let his wife hold her new newborn son since he was distraught. He requested that Autumn be awakened to see and hold Huxley. He begged the medical staff since it might be her last time. They offered the parent a priceless moment with her child.

Everyone loved it, especially the ailing mom. The unique meeting answered Zack’s prayer. “Her parents, one of her best friends, and several nurses and physicians watched the amazing occasion,” the ecstatic father said. There may have been dry eyes. Amazing day.”
Mother was still struggling. Zack sought a second opinion before considering a lung transplant for Autumn. He felt his wife will recover magically.
The mother didn’t need a transplant, thankfully. The spouse added, “[The doctor] came in and said, ‘you don’t need a lung transplant. You’ll be alright. Great news. We hugged and praised God and the doctor.”
Autumn’s progress amazed everyone. Zack believed she would recover.
Autumn was discharged in December 2021 after three months. She changed. Zack excitedly informed friends and family: “Such a happy, emotional, overwhelming day. I had to step back many times to appreciate the brilliance. Surprised our daughters. They seemed shocked. They were speechless.”
Many drove past the family’s house to encourage the strong wife and mother. The pair thanked everyone for their prayers and love.

Autumn said her daughter now believes in miracles, and the Carvers were grateful for life. “Every day is a blessing,” the mother added. Love and hug people. Things might change quickly, so don’t leave anything unsaid.”
Zack also started praying with his kids at night. They never forgot the miracle, which changed their lives forever.
Zack and Autumn were grateful for their blessings and hoped their story will inspire others to love because life is short. We wish them a long, healthy life with their family.

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