Nicki Minaj and her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill had a heated exchange on Twitter recently, sparking controversy with serious allegations.

During the Twitter feud, Nicki accused Meek of domestic violence, claiming he “beat” and “spit on” his own sister. Meek retaliated by bringing up Nicki’s brother’s rape trial.

It all started when Nicki noticed Meek liked a meme on Instagram mocking her husband’s fashion sense. She called him out for seeking validation online and accused him of cowardice.

Taking the argument to Twitter, Nicki made shocking claims about Meek’s alleged violent behavior. Meek, in turn, accused Nicki of trying to ruin his career.

Their Twitter spat garnered significant attention, with thousands of followers keeping up with the drama online.

In the midst of the exchange, Nicki brought up her brother’s recent conviction for child rape, adding another layer of tension to the situation.

Ultimately, the feud underscores the complexities of celebrity relationships and leaves followers eagerly anticipating the next development in the story.

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