True love defies age, as beautifully illustrated by Edna and Simon’s touching story. Despite a significant age difference, this extraordinary couple has enjoyed over 14 years of marital happiness, proving that love can overcome any hurdle.

Even Edna’s adult children from her previous marriage, some older than Simon, have embraced their relationship.

Edna’s daughter just celebrated her 60th birthday, and her youngest is 57. They share a fun and affectionate bond with Simon, often sending him humorous Father’s Day cards, showing their acceptance and support of Edna and Simon’s love.

Their romance started at an organ concert where Edna and Simon first met.

They grew closer through months of letters, eventually realizing they were meant to be together. Simon, a musical genius known to a select few, charmed Edna with his incredible talent. Their lasting love shows that true affection only grows stronger with time.

Edna proudly states that their age difference doesn’t impact their physical closeness or public displays of affection. They freely kiss on the street, just like any other couple in love.

Their enduring love story challenges traditional views on age in relationships, making us think about the true importance of love over societal norms.

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