Meek Mill’s Hilarious Double-Date Story with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj During Drake Feud

Fresh off the success of his album “Championships,” Meek Mill took the spotlight in a CRWN interview on TIDAL, hosted by Elliott Wilson and attended by a live audience. During the conversation, Meek shared a light-hearted and unexpected story that had everyone laughing.

Meek Mill’s Hilarious Dinner Tale During Drake Feud

In the midst of the interview, the discussion turned to Meek Mill’s previous feud with Drake. This prompted Meek to recount a funny incident involving a double-date dinner with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj. The unexpected story brought a lot of laughter, showing a lighter side to the serious rivalry.

Fresh from releasing his highly-praised album “Championships,” Meek Mill was the star of a CRWN interview on TIDAL, conducted by Elliott Wilson in front of a live audience. During their chat, Meek opened up about his past beef with Drake, sharing a story that left everyone in stitches.

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