In a surprising twist, comedian Cat Williams has ignited a social media firestorm following his recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast. Over nearly three hours, Williams openly shared his frustrations and criticisms, targeting several well-known comedians and artists.

One of Williams’ main targets was Cedric the Entertainer. Williams accused Cedric of stealing a joke from the 1990s and using it verbatim on platforms like Comic View and the Kings of Comedy tour. He also criticized Cedric’s comedy specials, calling them subpar.

Katt Williams Names Comedians Who SOLD THEIR SOULS For Fame (Kevin Hart,  Steve Harvey & More)

Kevin Hart also came under fire, with Williams suggesting that Hart’s rapid rise in Hollywood was due to being a “plant” in the industry. Williams questioned the authenticity of Hart’s success, implying that he had lucrative deals lined up even before moving to LA.

Steve Harvey wasn’t spared either. Williams accused Harvey of stealing material from Mark Curry for his sitcom and doubted Harvey’s ambitions to become a movie star, claiming he lacked the necessary range.

Ricky Smiley also faced Williams’ ire, with claims that Smiley lied about Williams’ involvement in the film Friday After Next.

Williams didn’t just criticize his peers; he revealed that he had been blackballed in Hollywood for defending Michael Jackson and R. Kelly against certain allegations. He also mentioned turning down a $50 million offer, showing his commitment to his principles.

Katt Williams Names Comedians Who SOLD THEIR SOULS For Fame (Kevin Hart, Steve  Harvey & More) - YouTube

The responses to Williams’ outburst have been mixed. Some people have questioned the accuracy of his claims, while others have praised his candidness. Regardless, Williams has once again stirred up the comedy world with his unfiltered remarks.

As the dust settles, the comedy community is left wondering what consequences, if any, will follow Williams’ bold declarations.

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