Flying isn’t always a pleasant experience, and some travelers go to great lengths to ensure their comfort. But not everyone is on the same page when it comes to personal space and comfort.

One woman knew exactly what she needed for a comfortable journey and made sure to secure it. However, her preparations led to an unexpected conflict…

This woman found herself in a tricky situation. She had to choose between maintaining her own comfort and giving in to societal pressure to be generous.

She was flying across the country to spend Christmas with her family. Knowing her size, she always books an extra seat to ensure she’s comfortable. She pays the extra cost willingly.

Everything went smoothly at check-in, security, and boarding. But once she was settled in her seat, things took a turn. A woman with an 18-month-old child sat next to her. Seeing the empty seat, the mother asked her to give it up so her toddler could sit there. The woman, who had paid for both seats, politely refused.

The interaction drew attention, and a flight attendant came over to investigate. After hearing the situation, the flight attendant asked if she could make room for the child. Again, she politely declined, stating she had paid for both seats.

Thankfully, the flight attendant understood and instructed the mother to hold her child, as is common for children that age. However, the mother spent the flight giving the woman dirty looks and making passive-aggressive comments.

Later, the woman wondered if she had been unfair and took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong.

One commenter, a mother herself, wrote, “I’ve taken long flights with an infant and shorter flights with a toddler on my lap. It was tough, but my problem alone. If my child was under 24 months and I didn’t pay for a seat, I chose to hold him. Not all parents are this entitled!”

Another added, “She should have bought a seat for her son instead of expecting someone else to give up theirs. She probably hoped there would be extra seats and used the lap rule as a loophole.”

Another outraged Redditor suggested, “You should file a complaint with the airline about their employee supporting harassment.”

A different user commented, “Everyone has their challenges. You’re not wrong for ensuring your comfort. If the mom wanted an extra seat, she should have purchased one. She’s not entitled to your seat, and you shouldn’t feel bad about her behavior.”

Some could understand the mother wanting a comfortable flight, but if it was that important, she should have bought an extra seat.

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