When a 62-year-old woman starts dating a younger man, her children become outraged and demand she end the relationship. Her response leaves them stunned.

Gail Sutherland thought she had a happy life until her husband of forty years, Darrel, came home one day and asked for a divorce. Gail married Darrel while still in college, and they had three children together.

“But Gail, I love you,” Darrel said, his eyes betraying a mix of guilt and pity.

“It’s not that I don’t love you,” Darrel continued. “I’ve fallen for someone else, someone younger. She makes me feel alive!”

“Alive?” Gail exclaimed. “What does that make me? Do I make you feel dead?” She touched her still-smooth cheeks, feeling betrayed by her reflection which assured her she was still beautiful.

“Old,” Darrel retorted. “You make me feel old! All you talk about is retirement and grandchildren, and I’m not ready for that! I want to live.”

Gail’s hands trembled. “I’m 62, Darrel, and you’re 65. There’s nothing wrong with wanting grandchildren…”

Darrel shrugged. “Diana is 28 and full of energy. She makes me feel young again. But don’t worry, Gail, I’ll take care of you.”

And he did. Darrel divided his considerable estate, giving Gail a generous share. She sat in her large, luxurious home, feeling oppressed by the silence.

Gail noticed her children seemed to handle the divorce too well, even accepting Darrel’s new partner. This felt like a betrayal, although she knew it wasn’t fair to feel that way.

“They love him,” she thought. “They want him to be happy, and they want me to be happy too.”

With ample free time, Gail enrolled in a creative writing course at her old university. She was the oldest student, but she excelled, encouraged by her professor, Wallace Campion, a charming man in his forties. They met at a coffee shop a few weeks into the course and struck up a conversation.

Three hours later, Wallace suggested they have dinner. Unaware he viewed it as a date, Gail agreed.

When Wallace kissed her as he drove her home, Gail was surprised. “Wallace,” she gasped. “I’m old…”

Wallace cupped her face in his hands. “Gail, tonight I spent time with an amazing, vibrant woman. I don’t care how old you are.”

Gail found herself not caring either. She and Wallace soon became romantically involved, and she invited him to a dinner party her daughter was hosting. Her children were shocked, having expected her date to be someone older.

The next day, her children confronted her, accusing Wallace of being after her money. “He’s just using you, Mom,” her son Ryan said. “He’ll leave you for a younger woman.”

Gail smiled at her son. “That’s fine! Your father did the same thing.”

Her children fell silent, embarrassed. “I expect the same acceptance for Wallace that you gave your father’s new wife,” Gail said firmly. She realized she couldn’t rely on them for support. “Never mind,” she concluded. “I’ll be okay!”

Six months later, Wallace proposed to Gail. She accepted and invited her children to the wedding, but they all declined. Her eldest daughter was particularly harsh. After putting down the phone, Gail called her lawyer and then her daughter again.

“I just wanted you to know,” she said, “that I’m meeting with my lawyer tomorrow to draft a prenup and change my will. I’m leaving everything to Wallace.”

Her children were furious, but there was little they could do. It was Gail’s money to spend as she wished. However, Gail was in for one final surprise.

A few days before the wedding, Darrel appeared at her door, looking defeated. “Darrel!” Gail exclaimed. It had been almost a year since she’d seen him. “What’s wrong?”

It turned out Darrel’s new wife had become his ex-wife, leaving him after his health declined. Tearfully, Darrel asked Gail for another chance.

Gail smiled. “I’m sorry, Darrel. I want a new life with someone who loves me for who I am, not as a nurse.” She shut the door in his face, still smiling.

Three days later, Gail married Wallace, a man who loved her regardless of her age.

Lessons from the Story:

  1. Think Carefully Before Leaving Happiness: Darrel left his devoted wife seeking youth, only to realize too late that she was what he needed.
  2. Love Requires Courage: Gail took a chance on Wallace despite knowing she’d face criticism, choosing happiness over societal expectations.

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