Former President Donald Trump’s recent public appearance outside his New York residence has stirred curiosity about his health. Eagle-eyed observers noted red marks on his hands in close-up photos, prompting speculation and concern.

One observer remarked, “They look like sores. I’ve consulted several doctors, and they all agree—hand sores could indicate secondary syphilis.”

Social media buzzed with reactions to the photos. One Twitter user quipped, “Nothing stops him, not even tertiary syphilis,” while another humorously suggested, “Maybe bleach could fix whatever’s on his hand.”

Despite the speculation swirling around, Trump seemed unperturbed as he waved to cameras outside Trump Tower. His purpose that day was to appear at Manhattan federal court for a defamation trial brought by columnist E. Jean Carroll, who had accused him of rape in the 1990s.

The incident serves as a reminder of how quickly health rumors can spread about public figures. It’s essential to distinguish between factual observations and speculative theories. Only time will provide clarity on the nature of the red marks on Trump’s hands, which, for now, continue to spark discussions among observers concerned about his well-being.

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