Ron Howard, a celebrated producer and director, has long been a prominent figure in Hollywood. With a career spanning over three decades, the public has always been intrigued by his life, especially the luxurious estate where he raised his children.

Known for his numerous films like “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons,” Ron, now 70, has also shared the screen with his wife, Cheryl Howard. He has directed award-winning films such as “A Beautiful Mind” and “Frost/Nixon.”

Ron’s Hollywood journey began as a young actor playing Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show” and Richie Cunningham on “Happy Days.” His career soared with roles in “The Twilight Zone” and “The Journey,” among other films.

His family’s ties to the entertainment industry run deep. Ron got his first taste of Hollywood life as a toddler when his parents, Jean Speegle and Rance Howard, appeared in the 1956 film “Frontier Woman.”

Despite his early success, Ron’s family kept him grounded, ensuring he enjoyed a normal childhood. They limited his acting roles, allowing him to appear in a few select projects like “The Music Man” and “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father.”

Following his father’s advice, Ron completed his public schooling at John Burroughs High School while dabbling in amateur filmmaking. He honed his filmmaking skills as he grew older.

Ron married his high school sweetheart, Cheryl, in 1975, and the couple had four children. They worked hard to provide a loving and nurturing environment for their family.

Their home, located on Conyers Farm in New York between Greenwich and Westchester, was a perfect fit for a star of Ron’s caliber. The estate featured a guest house, an indoor sports center with a pool, riding trails, and a thriving farm.


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Ron and Cheryl raised their children on this property, which they purchased in the 1990s. The estate boasted modern amenities, including a theater with stadium seating, a two-story library and office, six fireplaces, five bathrooms, and six bedrooms, covering 17,200 square feet.

The sports complex included a gym, yoga studio, indoor sports court, and a basketball half-court. The attached guest house added two more bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

Ron believed the estate was an ideal setting for his family, offering privacy and a sense of normalcy away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

The estate, listed for $27.5 million, was sold within ten days to Netscape co-founder Jim Clark and his wife, model Kristy Hinze, in 2014. It was the highest-priced sale ever recorded in Westchester County at the time.

Exterior Features

Before selling, Ron and Cheryl lived in the mansion with their family for over twenty years. Ron felt proud to have provided such a wonderful home for his family, even though they decided to sell it once their children were grown.

The 32-acre estate, surrounded by beautiful woods, was just an hour away from New York City, making it perfect for large gatherings. The Howards hosted numerous parties, weddings, and fundraisers there.

The property featured impressive outdoor amenities. Guests were welcomed by a 2,500-square-foot guest house with a stunning view of the lake. The lakeside guest house included a two-car garage, two bedrooms, two full baths, and a half-bath.

The main family home, a three-story building, captivated visitors with its white walls, granite countertops, top-notch security system, and lush surroundings of strategically placed trees and flowers.

The estate also included an organic raised bed vegetable garden, a greenhouse, a koi pond with a waterfall and pergola, and an ivy-draped stone head house. Outdoor dining areas provided perfect spots for meals or late-night snacks.

Facing the lake, the property offered breathtaking views. It also featured a riding ring, horse stables, a tennis court, and a beautiful sports house for leisure activities.

Interior Features

Inside, Ron’s former home had a two-story mahogany office and library, complete with large windows offering serene views of the surrounding woods. The lower level of the main house featured a billiard room that doubled as a cozy lounge.

The house was adorned with posters from Ron’s films, including the Oscar-winning “A Beautiful Mind” and the 1980s comedy “Night Shift.” It also had a private theater with 14 seats, where Ron and his friends watched and critiqued his unreleased works.

Meet the Howard Family

Ron’s greatest joy is his family. His three daughters and son made living in the mansion vibrant and lively.

Ron and Cheryl have been together since 1975 and attribute their successful marriage to open communication. They have four children: Bryce Dallas, Paige, Jocelyn, and Reed Howard. Each of them has found success in their chosen fields.


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Their eldest daughter, Bryce, is a talented actress known for her role in the Academy Award-winning film “The Help.” She has also directed films such as “Orchids” and “Vanity Fair: Decades.” For Ron, seeing his children succeed is his greatest accomplishment.

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