When my wife was told by a store employee that she didn’t meet their “beauty standards” to work there, I knew I had to take action. The rude comment made my wife cry, and I was determined to set things right. This story of sweet revenge shows that sometimes, karma needs a little nudge.

My name is Thomas, and my wife Emma has always had an impeccable sense of style. Her fashion sense is top-notch, and she often helps dress me, not because she has to, but because she loves to. And I must say, thanks to her, I always look amazing!

For years, Emma tried different jobs—receptionist, nurse, part-time artist—but nothing felt right. Recently, she decided to pursue her true passion: fashion. Excitedly, she started applying for retail jobs, thinking it would be a perfect fit.

One day, Emma came home in tears. She told me how she had gone to a well-known lingerie store with a “Now Hiring” sign. Filled with enthusiasm, she went inside to inquire about the job. However, her excitement was crushed by the sales assistant’s harsh words. Without even looking up, the assistant told Emma, “I don’t think you’re pretty enough for this job. Don’t even bother.”

Hearing this broke my heart. Emma is beautiful inside and out, and seeing her so hurt made me furious. I hugged her and reassured her of her worth, but I knew I had to do more. Nobody gets to make my wife feel like that and get away with it!

I devised a plan and enlisted the help of my friend Mike, who works in the fashion industry. He was eager to help after hearing what happened. We decided to give the sales assistant a taste of her own medicine.

A few days later, I returned to the store, dressed sharply, and made sure the assistant was working. Pretending to be a clueless husband, I asked her to help me pick out something special for my wife. Seeing a potential sale, she quickly became attentive and sweet.

As we browsed, I made small talk to keep her engaged. After about thirty minutes, I told her I needed to get my wife’s opinion on an item and stepped outside to call Mike. He came into the store, introduced himself as a talent scout for a major fashion brand, and played his part perfectly.

The assistant’s eyes lit up, thinking this was her big break. But Mike, after giving her a once-over, said, “I’m sorry, but you’re not quite what we’re looking for.” Turning to me, he asked, “How about you? Have you ever thought about modeling?”

The assistant was stunned. I smiled and said, “Actually, I know someone perfect for your campaign—my wife, Emma. She’s beautiful, confident, and has an amazing personality.”

Mike nodded enthusiastically, and we arranged a meeting for Emma. The assistant was left speechless. The next day, Emma met with Mike. Though she decided not to pursue modeling, the experience gave her a huge confidence boost.

A week later, we walked past the store again. Emma, now brimming with confidence, laughed and said, “I could live without that store forever!” We walked on, hand in hand, knowing that sometimes the best revenge is helping your loved ones realize their true worth.

That’s my story. Sometimes, the best way to set things right is to show someone how wrong they were in the most satisfying and unforgettable way. And believe me, I will never forget the look on that sales assistant’s face!

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