Hi everyone, I’m Nikki. Let me share a story about how a little push can help karma do its job. This tale began when I saw my ex-fiancé, Mark, at a fancy restaurant with another woman. What was meant to be a quiet night out turned into a perfect opportunity for some sweet revenge.

Bit of Background

Five years ago, I was engaged to Mark after three years of dating. I was head over heels in love, and I thought he felt the same way. We were deep into wedding planning when he suddenly called it off, saying I “wasn’t good enough” for him. Apparently, after a big promotion at work, he decided I didn’t fit his new image. He wanted someone classier, more sophisticated, and more ambitious—someone who wasn’t me. His words crushed me, and I spent months in a heartbroken daze, struggling to move on.

Forward to the Present

I’m now 35, single, and thriving in my career. Last Saturday, I decided to treat myself to dinner at a trendy new restaurant. As I approached the entrance, I spotted Mark through the window, enjoying a meal with a beautiful woman. He looked as smug as ever, and I knew I had to seize this moment.

The Plan

I walked into the restaurant, my heart racing with a mix of anger and excitement. I asked the waiter for a favor. “Hi there. See that man at the table? He’s my ex-fiancé. Could you help me with a little prank?” The waiter was intrigued and asked what I had in mind.

“Start by sending the most expensive bottle of champagne with a note,” I said. He agreed, and I wrote, “To Mark, who always settles for second best.” The waiter delivered the champagne, and I watched as Mark turned beet red, trying to explain to his confused date.

Next, I asked the waiter to send an appetizer containing an ingredient Mark is allergic to, along with another note. The waiter complied without asking questions. The note read, “A simple reminder of what you’re not allowed to have.” Mark’s date went from confused to annoyed, and he struggled to keep his composure.

The Final Act

I called my friend Sarah, who lived nearby, and asked her to join me. When she arrived, I explained the situation, and she was all in. Sarah walked up to Mark’s table, pretending to recognize him. “Oh my God, Mark! I haven’t seen you since that dating workshop last month. How’s your fiancée? Did she agree to the open relationship?”

The entire restaurant went silent. Mark’s date looked horrified. “Mark, what is she talking about?” she demanded. Mark stammered, trying to explain, but the damage was done. Clara, his date, grabbed her purse and stormed out, saying, “I can’t believe I wasted my time on you.”

My Victory Lap

As Mark stood there, humiliated, I couldn’t resist one final jab. I approached his table with a big smile. “Hi Mark,” I said sweetly. “Guess I wasn’t so ‘not good enough’ after all, huh?” He was speechless, and I walked out feeling lighter and more triumphant than I had in years.


A few days later, I heard through a mutual friend that Mark and Clara had indeed broken up that night. Mark has been trying to figure out what went wrong ever since. Meanwhile, I’m happier than ever, having moved on from the heartbreak.

So that’s my story. Sometimes, a little bit of well-planned revenge can be incredibly satisfying. Don’t you agree? Thanks for reading!

Just like Nikki, Phoebe’s life took an unexpected turn, but she chose to reclaim her freedom and protect her future. While this story is inspired by real events, it has been fictionalized for dramatic purposes. Names, characters, and details have been changed to protect privacy. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental. The opinions in this narrative are those of the characters and do not reflect the views of the publisher or author.

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