The atmosphere on the set of “The View” was unexpectedly lively following Joy Behar’s recent tumble. Despite the 80-year-old comedian’s efforts to improve seating for comfort, she found herself unexpectedly on the floor, creating a humorous moment.

Behar amusingly revisited the awkward live TV incident, recalling with a laugh how she misjudged her landing on a tricky swivel chair. “Remember when I fell on stage here? I slipped right off the seat,” she joked.

Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, explaining that the audience couldn’t see everything the hosts did, especially Behar’s struggle to avoid a full fall. “We saw you trying not to hit the floor, and it was nerve-wracking because we didn’t know if we should help or if touching you would make it worse,” Goldberg shared.

Behar humorously likened the swiveling chairs to a carnival ride at Coney Island, making light of the situation in her signature comedic style.

The incident did lead to a positive change: the introduction of safer chairs. These new seats are sturdy with four tall legs, a square seat, and a supportive back.

On Thursday, Behar showcased these new chairs, emphasizing the show’s effort to prevent future mishaps. However, not everyone was a fan of the new seating.

Goldberg, with a playful grin, mentioned, “My behind doesn’t fit in this chair, as I’ve often said, so these are not new to me.”

In a light-hearted moment, Goldberg reflected that while the old chair fit her, Behar was less than thrilled with it. They continued to banter, sharing laughs about adapting to what they had.

Earlier in the week, Goldberg, 67, stood by Behar after co-host Ana Navarro, 51, claimed that Behar was hired and fired by the late “The View” co-creator Bill Geddie.

Their camaraderie highlighted the lively and dynamic nature of the long-running show.

Behar also made headlines that week by calling Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, a “sadist.” She expressed her unique viewpoint, saying Abbott seemed to take pleasure in causing others pain, which stirred discussions beyond the show.

Joy Behar’s fall added a comedic twist and a sense of camaraderie to “The View,” ensuring that the beloved daytime program continues to surprise and entertain its audience.

(Note: This story originally made news in July 2023.)

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