Trina was excited to throw a fantastic birthday party for her husband, Liam. But Liam claimed he had to miss his birthday for work, promising to celebrate later. Shockingly, Trina discovered Liam was having an affair with her best friend.

On his birthday, Liam told Trina he had to leave town for work. He packed and left, assuring they’d celebrate later. The next day, Trina’s mother invited her out. While shopping, they spotted Liam and Trina’s best friend, Mandy, intimately together at a restaurant. Heartbroken, Trina’s mother devised a clever plan for revenge.

The week dragged on as Trina prepared to execute the plan. On Friday, her mother handed her a fake pregnancy test and hidden cameras. They invited Mandy and her husband, Steve, for dinner on Saturday. During the dinner, Trina pretended to reveal her pregnancy, causing confusion and fake congratulations from Mandy.

Then, Trina dropped a bombshell: the baby belonged to Steve. Shocked and in disbelief, Steve and Liam confronted her. Trina showed them the hidden camera footage of Liam and Mandy’s affair, revealing Mandy’s true intentions of marrying for money. Steve demanded a divorce, threatening to leave Mandy with nothing due to their prenuptial agreement.

With the truth out, Trina also kicked Liam out. Thanks to a similar prenuptial agreement, Liam would be left with nothing but his job. Trina felt a sense of justice, knowing she had the evidence to support her case in court.

Although heartbroken, Trina found solace in her mother’s support and the plan that exposed the betrayal.

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