Self-proclaimed spiritual guide Julie Poole has shared her extraordinary near-death experience and the visions she believes offer a glimpse into the future of humanity.

Julie’s life has been a blend of severe hardship and remarkable resilience, culminating in an event she feels reveals a profound message for our future.

Open about her traumatic childhood, Julie has spoken about the physical, mental, sexual, and emotional abuse she endured. These devastating experiences set her on a deep spiritual journey.

In her twenties, overwhelmed by her circumstances, Julie attempted suicide by overdosing on medication. She recounts that in that critical moment, she was transported to a place she calls heaven. In this “spirit realm,” she encountered angels and divine guides who conveyed messages about what was to come.

“Suddenly, I saw my angels and guides around me, lifting me to the Higher Realms,” Julie shared in a video to her followers. “I remember saying, ‘I’m going home,’ and they replied, ‘No, you’re not, it’s not your time.’”

During her three days in this spiritual dimension, Julie says she witnessed visions of significant human transformation. Her angelic guides spoke of an approaching “Golden Age” predicted to occur between 2012 and 2032.

Julie explained, “By the Golden Age, we mean that for millennia, there has been significant power, abuse, and control. A few have held all the power and used it to dominate the masses. In this Golden Age, all falsehoods, corruption, and fraud will disappear, bringing equality.”

She firmly believes that this marks the dawn of a new era of awareness, where dishonest institutions and leaders will be exposed and replaced by those with pure intentions.

“It’s not about an Armageddon,” she stated. “It’s about corrupt people in power being discovered and removed. Those with genuine intentions and pure hearts are taking their place.”

Julie’s story has resonated with many seeking justice and hope in a troubled world, eliciting a range of reactions from skepticism to belief.

With her vision of a future where truth and equality prevail, Julie continues to inspire her followers and provoke thoughtful contemplation on the mysteries of life beyond our earthly existence.

Julie Poole’s account is more than just a near-death experience; it’s a testament to her belief in a higher good and a more just and equitable future for all.

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