Bruce Willis and Emma Heming have been married for over a decade, and she’s sticking to her promise to stand by him through thick and thin, even after his frontotemporal dementia diagnosis. She can’t help but look back on memories of Bruce when he was healthier, though. After learning about his diagnosis, Emma continued on, working with dementia experts to ensure her husband gets the best care possible. She even shared a photo with Teepa Snow, who’s teaching her new skills to add to her “dementia care toolbox.”

Despite his condition, Bruce’s family is open and transparent about his health, and they’re grateful for the love and support they’ve received. Emma’s committed to giving Bruce the best care, and she’s even learning new ways to help him. She might be reminiscing about better times, but she’s focused on supporting him through this tough journey.

Recently, Emma discovered Instagram’s “Memories” feature, which showed her a post from a year ago praising Bruce. She reposted it, saying, “What’s this new Memory thingy on IG!? Omg, my biggest fan. I’m in love with him.” The post showed Bruce enthusiastically supporting her skincare line, Cocobaba. It’s clear Emma misses the times when Bruce was doing better.

Bruce’s family has been open about his health, sharing updates on social media. His daughter Rumer Willis wrote, “We wanted to give you an update about our beloved husband, father, and friend… Bruce’s condition has progressed, and we now have a more specific diagnosis: frontotemporal dementia (known as FTD).” They’re grateful for the support and are doing their best to navigate this difficult time.

Our thoughts are with the Willis family as they face this challenge. Let’s send them love and support during this tough time. Share this piece to raise awareness about Bruce Willis’ current health journey.

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