Catherine’s evening took an unexpected turn when she decided to surprise her husband, Dylan, with a coffee break at the supermarket. But as she tried to reach him, her calls went unanswered, and a cryptic text message claimed he was still at work. Her curiosity piqued, she spotted his SUV in the parking lot, sparking a trail of investigation.

As she navigated the parked cars, Catherine’s suspicions grew. Where was Dylan? The eerie feeling of being watched lingered, and the strange phone calls and late work hours replayed in her mind. She decided to confront him, but just as she returned to her car, an old sedan pulled up, and Dylan emerged, dressed in tattered clothes.

Catherine’s world was turned upside down. She watched, bewildered, as he changed into his work suit and entered the SUV. The encounter left her reeling, and she rushed home, unsure of what to do next.

That evening, she tried to casually inquire about his day, but his evasive responses only deepened her suspicions. Torn between confronting him and seeking concrete evidence, Catherine fabricated a story about an early morning massage session the next day, hiding her true intentions.

As Dylan left for work, she followed him, observing the peculiar ritual of switching cars and clothes. Their eyes almost met, but a passing bus disrupted the connection, leaving Catherine with a mix of emotions.

Now, she faces a daunting decision: confront her husband and demand the truth or continue her discreet investigation to unravel the secrets shrouding their relationship. Will she uncover the truth behind Dylan’s mysterious actions, or will the web of deception ensnare them both?

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