Actress and TV personality Valerie Bertinelli has found love again, two years after her divorce from Tom Vitale. Bertinelli, known for her candid social media presence, recently shared a joyful selfie on Instagram, hinting at her new romance with writer Mike Goodnough by quoting Taylor Swift lyrics. This comes four years after the passing of her first husband, Eddie Van Halen.

Mike Goodnough, who writes the popular blog Hoarse Whisperer, humorously confirmed their relationship on his Substack. He playfully asked Bertinelli about the dating rumors, to which she happily confirmed.

Bertinelli has been open about her past relationships, particularly her lasting affection for Eddie Van Halen, even mentioning that they might have rekindled their relationship if not for his passing. She reflects on these experiences in her recent cookbook, “Indulge.”

This new chapter in her life is a hopeful beginning for the beloved actress, as she embraces both her past and her future with grace and positivity.

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