When Alexandra’s stepmother turned up at her wedding in a white dress and insisted on being the center of attention, she was prepared for some drama. However, her husband had a plan that took everyone by surprise.

As Linda meticulously arranged the flowers, she said, “These flowers must be perfect for this important family event.”

Sipping tea at the dining table, I tried to keep calm while my father smiled approvingly at her. “Linda has a great eye for details,” he praised.

Feigning a laugh, I replied, “Yes, Linda, they do look nice.”

After my mother passed away when I was ten, Linda became my stepmother. She loved being in the spotlight and today was no exception. I could tell she had plans to steal the show at my wedding.

Trying to steer the conversation, I asked my dad, “Are you excited about the wedding?”

His eyes sparkled. “Yes, Alexandra. It’s going to be a beautiful day.”

Linda chimed in, “And everything must be perfect. We don’t have events this important very often.”

Nodding, I thought to myself how Linda would find a way to make the day all about her, as she always did during family gatherings.

As Linda continued fussing over the flowers, my anxiety grew. It was hard to enjoy the preparations with her around. Trying to be polite, I offered, “Do you need any help, Linda?”

“Oh, no,” she waved dismissively. “Everything is under control.”

Forcing a smile, I replied, “Alright, I’m going to take a break, Dad. I have to be somewhere.”

I met my best friend and maid of honor, Sarah, at the wedding planner’s office. She hugged me and noticed my mood. “Why does the bride look so sad?”

“I guess I’m just nervous.”

“Don’t worry; today will be perfect! Come on, we’re running late.”

We entered the office of our wedding planner, Grace. Looking up from her notes, Grace informed me, “Your stepmother insisted on giving a speech and wants to sit in the front row, Alexandra.”

I was shocked. Linda and I had previously discussed this, and she knew the front row was reserved for my parents.

Sarah raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t the front row typically for the bride’s parents?”

Grace nodded. “Yes, traditionally. Linda shouldn’t be in the front row since we’re keeping a seat for your late mother next to your father. We must respect family traditions, especially given the significance of your mother’s memory.”

Frustration welled up inside me. Linda always put herself first. “She must have a grand plan for her performance.”

Sarah leaned in. “We need to be ready for whatever she’s planning.”

Grace asked, “How would you like to handle this, Alexandra?”

I paused to think. “Can we remind her that my parents have the front row reserved and suggest she sit in the second row?”

Grace agreed. “I’ll talk to her now. What about her speech?”

Shaking my head, I said, “I don’t think she should give a speech. It’s meant to honor my mother and our marriage, not focus on her.”

Sarah nodded. “We can find another speaker, perhaps someone from your mother’s family.”

Feeling more at ease, I replied, “That’s a great idea. Let’s ensure the speeches are meaningful and respectful.”

Grace made notes. “I’ll handle it. Everything will run smoothly.”

As we left Grace’s office, Sarah reassured me. “Don’t worry, Alex. We won’t let Linda ruin your day.”

I hoped she was right and nodded.

Back at our apartment, I shared my worries with Tom. “Linda is determined to steal the spotlight. She insists on giving a speech and sitting in the front row.”

Tom embraced me. “We’ll handle it together. Don’t worry.”

“But Tom, she always manages to take over.”

He smiled. “Trust me. I have a plan.”

Curious, I asked, “What kind of plan?”

Kissing my forehead, he said, “Just trust me. It’s a surprise, but it will keep the focus where it belongs – on your mother’s memory and us.”

Feeling a bit better but still anxious, I sighed. “I hope so. I just want everything to go smoothly. Linda can be so unpredictable.”

Tom hugged me tightly. “I know. But we’ve got this. Together.”

I nodded, feeling a bit more relaxed. “Thank you, Tom. That means a lot.”

“Anytime, love,” he said with a reassuring smile. “Now, let’s enjoy our evening and not worry about Linda for a bit.”

I returned his smile, grateful for his support.

The wedding day arrived, and I was both nervous and excited. As I was getting ready, Sarah burst into the room, looking pale.

“You won’t believe this,” she whispered, pulling me to the window.

I looked out to see Linda stepping out of her car in a full-length white bridal gown.

“What the…” I was stunned. How could she?

Rushing over to her, I demanded, “What are you doing, Linda? You can’t wear white to my wedding!”

She smiled unapologetically. “Oh, darling, Alexandra, you’re young and have your whole life ahead of you. I may not get another chance to feel like a bride. I deserve this attention.”

Fuming, I was about to explode, but Tom pulled me aside. “Trust me, we’ll deal with this later,” he whispered, smiling mischievously.

“How could she?” I protested.

“Trust me, okay?” Tom insisted.

As the ceremony began, Linda sat in the front row, basking in the attention. Grace looked helpless, but I trusted Tom.

I focused on the vows and the moment. Every time I glanced at Tom, he gave me an encouraging nod. Seeing Linda’s smug face, though, tested my faith in his plan.

Finally, it was time for the speeches. Linda stood, ready to take the microphone, but Tom intercepted her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, before we continue, I’d like to share a special video tribute to Alexandra’s late mother.”

The lights dimmed, and a beautiful montage of my mother appeared on the screen, accompanied by heartfelt messages, photos, and videos. Tears filled my eyes, and the guests were visibly moved. Linda’s smug expression turned to disbelief.

After the tribute, Tom looked at me with a knowing smile. “Alex, today is about honoring your mother and celebrating our love. No one can take that away.”

He then addressed Linda. “Linda, could you join us up here?”

Thinking she was about to be honored, Linda strutted up to the stage.

“Linda has always been a star in her own right, so we’ve decided to let her shine even more today,” Tom said, starting another slideshow.

The initial photos were harmless, showing Linda at the wedding in her white dress from different angles. But then the images revealed more – Linda sneaking into my bridal suite earlier that morning, trying on my veil, and playing with a stolen bouquet.

Gasps filled the room as Linda’s face turned red. She tried to maintain her composure, but Tom wasn’t done.

With a signal to the DJ, he played a recording of Linda boasting to a friend on the phone about her plans to outshine me. “This little princess needs to know her place. I’ve waited long enough for my moment.”

The crowd was stunned, some even booing. Tom hugged me and whispered, “I told you I had it covered.”

But the surprise wasn’t over. Tom had arranged for Linda’s ex-husband to give a guest speech, revealing tales of her past mischief.

Trapped and humiliated, Linda fled the hall as quietly as possible. Tom and I exchanged victorious smiles, knowing we had taught her a lesson. She got the attention she wanted, but not for the reasons she had hoped.

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