Julia Roberts, the beloved actress, took to Instagram to mark a special milestone – her youngest son Henry’s 17th birthday. In a rare and intimate post, Julia shared a beautiful photo of Henry as a newborn, cradled in her loving arms. The caption read, “Happy Birthday, Henry, you are beautiful 💙.”


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The photo showcases Julia’s joy and love as a new mother, and fans were quick to comment on the post, praising Henry’s growth and wishing him a happy birthday. Although Julia and her husband Daniel Moder value their children’s privacy, they occasionally share glimpses into their family life, and this post was a lovely exception.

Daniel, a cinematographer, has also shared videos and photos of their children, including Henry, Hazel, and Phinnaeus, on social media. One such video showcased Henry’s skateboarding skills, and fans were amazed by his talent and resemblance to his father.

Julia has often spoken about her role as a mother, calling it her “full-time job” when she’s not acting. She has also shared her special bond with Henry, who she affectionately calls her “breakfast companion.” Julia’s love for her children is evident, and fans adore seeing glimpses of her family life.


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Henry’s siblings, Hazel and Phinnaeus, have also made appearances on social media, with Hazel recently accompanying her father to the Cannes Film Festival. Julia praised her daughter’s unique style and confidence, saying, “That girl is special…it’s just so nice, the innocence, really.”

Fans have praised Julia’s children for their beauty and talent, with many noting that they don’t resemble their mother. However, Julia’s love and dedication to her family shine through in every post and interview, and that’s what truly matters. Happy birthday, Henry!

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