Donny Osmond, a beloved performer, has spent his life in the spotlight, yet he always prioritizes family time amidst his demanding schedule. With five grown sons and 12 grandchildren, Osmond takes great pride in his family and cherishes every moment with them.

His oldest son, Don, and his wife Jessica have four children, while Brandon and Shelby have four, Jeremy and Melissa have three, and Christopher and Alta have a newborn. Joshua, the youngest, married in 2020 and plans to start a family soon.

Osmond became a grandfather for the first time in 2005 when his son Jeremy and wife Melissa had their son Dylan. He was overjoyed and has since embraced his role as a grandfather, often sharing his pride on social media.

Despite his busy schedule, Osmond attends his grandchildren’s sports games and events, cheering them on and celebrating their accomplishments. He even flew out to watch his grandson play football and blogged about attending his grandson’s basketball game before a Las Vegas residency show.

One of his grandsons is an artist, and Osmond beamed with pride when his artwork was featured at the National Museum of History in Washington, DC. He also adores his “little sweet princess” granddaughter, who he says has a lovable personality and makes sure everyone has a friend.

When his son Christopher revealed he was having a daughter, Osmond was overjoyed, running towards his daughter-in-law with outstretched arms, exclaiming his delight at finally having another girl in the family to bond with!

Osmond’s dedication to his family is inspiring, and his love for his grandchildren is evident in every post and update he shares.

As his family continues to grow, we wish them all the best and celebrate Donny Osmond’s full life as a devoted grandfather.

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