Rapper Fetty Wap's 4-Year-Old Daughter Lauren Has Died

“Fetty Wap’s daughter”, who was 4 years old at the time, had been sick with heart disease since she was born. The reason was that her name was Lauren Maxwell, which was written on her death certificate. Her heart-broken mother broke the bad news to her. The rapper and the dancer and artist Turquoise Miami have a child together.

On Monday, August 2, Miami, whose real name is Lisa Pembroke, told the world about the news. She said that her little girl was “amazing, beautiful, happy, lively, loving, talented, smart, and stubborn.” The mother also shared a video of her daughter laughing and jumping up and down in a pool.


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She was one of the six kids that Fetty Wap had. TMZ got a death certificate that said Lauren died of fetal cardiac arrhythmia caused by problems with her heart that she was born with. She was born with the illness, and she died because her heart beat wasn’t steady.

The story also says that Lauren died at her home in Riverdale, Georgia, on June 24. That means more than a month has passed. On Tuesday, August 3, Fetty paid honor to his daughter on Instagram for the first time. He put a picture of Lauren on social media and wrote, “I love you, Lauren.”

Hey tiny me, My Twin I’ll always love you to the moon and back, best friend.” On Instagram Live, he also said, “She’s good, my baby’s happy now.” He has another child named Alaiya who also had a close call with death. She had to have emergency brain surgery in January 2019, but it went well and she is now fine and healthy.

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