After “Gabrielle Union said that she and Dwyane Wade split their bills” 50/50, the NBA player is now giving more information about the situation.

In particular, he says that the arrangement started when he told Gabrielle that he paid for the home they shared. Union then said she would “never” let this happen again.

Dwyane Wade says that the couple takes care of their own “responsibilities”
In an interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay that aired on Monday, Dwyane said that each person taking care of their own tasks is a big part of the 50/50 relationship.

“Let’s say that I have 20-50 duties and so does my wife. And when I say that, I mean that she has a mother, aunts, and a father. She is responsible for a lot of things.”

Wade also said, “She pays for everything. What do you think I do? I pay for my whole life.”

Dwyane went on to explain how this plan came to be. He said that it started when he told Gabrielle that he paid for their house in Miami as a way to show her who was boss.

“We decided as a group. Because I think I said something about it being my house that I pay for when I was in Miami.”

Dwyane Wade says Gabrielle Union was shocked and told him, “You will never say ‘My house’ again. I’ll put half the down payment on our LA home.”

He went on to say that the couple’s arrangement isn’t a problem because Gabrielle has been “an independent woman her whole life.”


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“If we go on a boat trip, we can split the cost 50/50…My wife goes to work every day. She has always been in charge and on her own.”

Dwyane also said that even if he pays for a certain cost, Gabrielle will often “throw something else on that” to improve their total experience and “ball out.”

He ended by saying, “We decided that we would share the costs of certain parts of our lives.”

Gabrielle Union says that the 50/50 deal gives her “peace”
Gabrielle brought the issue to the public’s attention last month, as The Shade Room had said before.

Union said that she and Wade “split everything 50/50” in their home while talking about how she got over her “financial anxiety” and general “scarcity mindset.”

Later, Gabrielle gave more information about the plan. In an Instagram post with her boyfriend, Union said, “I love it when he matches my energy, 50/50 over here.”


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Soon after, Gabrielle Union replied to a relationship therapist who weighed in on the situation. She said that the arrangement gives them “peace and support.”

“Every home is different, and the key is to do what’s best for you and yours…We both come from families that help out when kids or older siblings need help. So being with someone who understands me and makes my life easier gives me peace and love.

“He’s offered to cover me, trust, but that’s not my mission and it doesn’t bring me peace…You just have to find what works for YOU and makes YOU happy. I’ve got mine.”

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