We’ve all done some dumb things, but have you ever taped your eye shut?

Even though this sounds like a crazy idea, it seems like something that a lot of people, including myself, could do.

Jennifer Eversole was the unlucky mother who ended up in this situation, and if you’re wondering how it happened, it seems like a pretty easy mistake to make.

To put it in perspective, have you ever wanted something from your bedside table in the middle of the night and just grabbed anything until you found what felt right? This is a situation like that.

Jennifer went on TikTok to talk about what happened and said that it was because superglue was kept next to some eye drops…

It's a pretty gnarly sight. Credit: TikTok/@mamaeversole

“Well, I’ve gone and done it. “I won the award for being the most stupid person,” Jennifer said, hiding her left eye and looking a little worse for wear.

“My eyedrops are right next to the superglue, and since the bottles are the same size, I didn’t notice,” she said. “My eye is stuck shut now.”

Jennifer said, “I had to be brought here by a f***ing ambulance, and I can’t really open this other eye because it makes this eye move, and then it’s all scratchy and stuff.”

She has since revealed her eye is 'healing nicely'. Credit: TikTok/@mamaeversole

If your first thought is to call Jennifer an idiot, she’s already done it for you. She’s sitting there in complete shock that she’s managed to glue her eye shut and calling the whole thing “stupid.”

She went on to say that the hospital staff had told her, in a caring way, that they had never seen anything like this.

The woman has posted a series of videos chronicling the fiasco. Credit: TikTok/@mamaeversole

People were naturally interested in the story, so they asked Jennifer a lot of questions. One of them wanted to know what it was like at first.

“Intense burning, really bad burning, it felt hot,” she said. “Then I closed my eyes really, really quickly. I don’t know if that was good or bad because it didn’t get that much on my eyes. If I hadn’t closed my eyes, it might not have stuck them shut, but I don’t know what would have happened. Things could have gone much worse.”

Jennifer was treated well, and she is now on the mend, as she told those who were worried about her.

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