In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when the comedy show “Full House” was very famous, many of the actors on the show became well-known. John Stamos, who played the beautiful Uncle Jesse, was one of them. Women from all over the world were drawn to this person. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, who were still very young at the time, played Michelle Tanner’s lonely role. During the run of the show, Stamos’s close friend Bob Saget also became very well known.

The show ran for eight years, from 1987 to 1995, but fans were surprised to learn that it wouldn’t be the last time the world saw “Full House.” In 2015, Netflix announced that they would be bringing the show back. From 1987 to 1995, the show would run for a total of eight years. The original title of the show was changed slightly for the 2016 reboot. It was shortened to “Fuller House.”
Even though the Olsen twins didn’t come back to play Michelle Tanner, the rest of the group was in every episode, either as regular characters or as guest stars. Even though the reviews for “Fuller House” were mixed during its five seasons on TV, fans of the first show were happy to see the whole group back together for the second one.

Candace Cameron Bure, who fans know best as D.J. Tanner, is another star from the show who shot to fame during the show’s first season. She was one of the stars who became famous at the time. Candace has done a lot of different jobs over the course of her work, such as hosting “The View” and making an appearance on “Dancing With the Stars.” But the reason so many people watched her was because of the Christmas movies that were shown on the Hallmark Channel. On the other hand, those same fans might stop watching Bure if she changes stations for reasons that many people find very controversial.

Since 2008, Bure has been a regular part of the Christmas shows on the Hallmark Channel. Some of her most famous songs are “Christmas Under Wraps,” “A Christmas Detour,” “Switched for Christmas,” and “Let It Snow.” Fans were surprised when the actress, who is known as the “Queen of Christmas,” said she was leaving the station and going to a new one called the Great American Family. She said that she chose to move to the Wall Street Journal because she wanted her values to be more in line with those of the people she worked with.

Fox News says that Bure told WSJ, “My heart wants to write stories that have more meaning, purpose, and depth behind them.” This is what he said, according to WSJ. She said that she “knew that the people behind Great American Family were Christians who loved the Lord and wanted to promote Christian programming and great family entertainment.” Bure is now the Great American Family’s chief artistic officer.

Her answer to the question of whether or not the channel would have any LGBTQ stories or characters caused the backlash, even though no one can blame her for trying to make a career move she thinks is best for her. She said, “I think that Great American Family will continue to put a lot of attention on the institution of marriage.”

But Bill Abbott, the CEO of Great American Media, wasn’t as clear about what they wanted to do. He said, “It’s clearly the year 2022, so we’re aware of the trends. There is no whiteboard that says “Yes, this” or “No, we will never go there.”

Fans were excited to share their thoughts online about what Bure called a “traditional marriage,” and many of them called her narrow-minded. On the other hand, a lot of her supporters have stood up for her and said that she can think whatever she wants.

Many people went to Twitter to show how unhappy they were with Bure’s position and to criticize her words.

Candace Cbure said on Twitter (love Full and Fuller House): “I was hoping @candacecbure would change because I loved her.” Even so, it seems like she has homophobic feelings, which in 2022 are not only hurtful but also not good.

“What do you mean when you say ‘traditional marriage’?” Trying to get young women to marry them in exchange for money. At one time, this was how things were done. What do you think about the rule that you have to give the church something in return for a marriage license? Also, that was how things had always been done. What about the fact that some people have more than one spouse? Or is it something she is the only one who can explain?” Corey Stewart gave his thoughts.

But many people stood up for the star and said she had the right to her own thoughts.

“It’s clear that people who disagree with Candace don’t believe the Bible, which says very clearly what it thinks about homosexuality.” Jon Moore wrote the book.

“I am like her I stopped watching Hallmark shows when they started showing LGBT movies because I don’t believe in them either. The Bible says that guys shouldn’t get sexually involved with other men. How much easier do you need to make it to understand? If you call yourself a Christian, you believe this philosophy.” @roxylandis sent out some tweets.

Bure is not the first person in her family to get into trouble over something like this. In 2012, when her brother, the actor Kirk Cameron, went on an episode of “Piers Morgan Live” and said some controversial things about faith, marriage, and abortion, he caused a big stir in the media. Some of the most controversial things he said were that homosexuality is “unnatural, hurtful, and ultimately bad for so many of the foundations of civilization.” He also said that abortion is “wrong no matter what.”

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