LL Cool J is known for being popular with women and a Hollywood heartthrob.

But he is still a man from Queens, so if he has to, he knows how to hit someone. Cool J has been known to get rough with people when he needs to. We’ll never forget when he knocked out Jamie Foxx in the movie “Any Given Sunday.” He has also talked about the time he had to beat up a person who broke into his house.

Man Breaks Into LL Cool J’s Home, Gets The Beating Of His Life

LL talked about the event, which happened at 2 a.m., in an interview with Big Boy in the Morning. “My alarm, the doorbell alarm, went off. He went in through a door. I think it might be one of my girls. I go downstairs while wearing only my underwear. “Something said, ‘Don’t turn on the lights; I want to see what’s going on,'” he says with a laugh. LL goes on to say that as he walks down the stairs, he meets someone who looks like Charles Manson.

When they looked at each other, LL Cool J says the other man ran away, so he went after him and beat him up. Big Boy laughed and said, “You beat the dog **** out of that dude.” This was confirmed by LL, who then said, “I’m a good guy; I’m not a nice guy.”

LL Cool J broke the man’s nose, jaw, and ribs, according to other accounts. Later, the 56-year-old guy, named Jonathan Kirby, was caught and charged with breaking into a home. Kirby has a long list of crimes on his record, including murder, car theft, burglary, and small thefts. The three strikes rule in California could have put him in jail for life.

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