Gunna’s new record, A Gift & A Curse, came out, and fans have been talking about it on social media.

Gunna released a new album.
Gunna’s new record, A Gift & A Curse, came out on Friday, June 16. It is his first project since he got out of jail after taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case. This 15-track record only has Gunna rapping. There are no other artists on it. Lyrically, the troubled rapper talks about the hate and criticism he got after taking an Alford plea deal, which let him stay free while his YSL brothers, especially Young Thug, are fighting for their lives in the current RICO trial.

Gunna's New Album: 'A Gift & A Curse,' First Impressions Review | Complex

Before he released his record, Gunna put out a song called “Bread & Butter” in which he talked about the snitching claims. On AGAC, the “Pushin’ P” rapper talks more about his legal problems and how his peers always see him as a rebel. Songs like “I Was Just Thinking,” “Back to the Moon,” and “Alight” are very self-reflective. A lot of the music on the record is sad, which is different from his last album, DS4Ever, which was upbeat and fun.

How do Gunna’s fans feel about his new album?
Gunna’s fans had a lot to say about his new record on social media after it came out. Some people think that A Gift & A Curse is a great record and better than Lil Durk’s project, Almost Healed. You may already know that Durkio has called Gunna a rat and doesn’t want to be around him. Fans have been talking about how the two songs are similar on social media.

“Durk slammed Gunna just so Gunna would come out with a better album [loud crying emoji],” one fan wrote on Twitter.

One person wrote, “Gunna drop album of the year while fake gangsters and real gangsters fight over whether or not he’s a rat.”

One more fan had this to say: “This record. It’s just gunna. Like, I don’t see how this kind of music could make you happy. It’s not fun. Not garbage. Not bad. The way it’s made is fine. But all 15 songs sound like 1 song. “It’s dull.”

Another person said that Gunna’s record was fine, but nothing special.

“This record by Gunna is OKAY. No songs, though, stand out. No bangers. No radio hits. Few or no words that you could quote. He wrote, “Just a steady flow with nice beats.”

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