Takeoff, who was born Kirsnick Khari Ball, died on November 1, 2022. He was only 28 years old. His death was a big blow to the rap scene.

Now, the Migos rapper’s would-be 29th birthday is on June 18, 2023. This is a big moment in the wake of his death.

In honour of Takeoff’s first birthday in heaven, let’s take a look back at some of his most famous lyrics.

First, there’s a cheeky nod to Nicki Minaj in “MotorSport,” a song by Takeoff.

Nicki was a guest on the song, and Take got a little bit bold in a few of his lines.

“If Nicki shows “me her right hand on the Bible, I promise I won’t” say anything.
I wonder how many golden records we’ll sell if I get to play with that cat.

Nicki finally talked about the lines on Twitter, saying that she “didn’t peep them lines until the song came out.” Oop!

“Take Off lyric on Motorsport. 🤔😩 It’s my crap, though, but uhh… I” don’t remember hearing those “lines until the song came out. I was like 😲

— Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ) November 25, 2017”

“Last Recall”
On the fifth track of The Last Rocket, “The Last Rocket,” Takeoff tells fans right away what he’s all about with a funny line about space.

“I go to space with the stars (Stars). My pilot (Cookie) and I might smoke a blunt.
Saturn, the Moon, the Earth, and Mars (Mars), NASA’s rocket takes off.

Along with some cool space references, this “Last Memory” song really captures Takeoff’s laid-back style.

The album’s opening track, which leads into Culture, has Take and DJ Khaled on it.

In the beginning of “Culture,” DJ Khaled says some nonsense. Then Takeoff starts rhyming, which leads up to him saying that Migos’s next record is “comin’ soon.” We love sneaky advertising!

“I act like an a*s, monkey.
Wrap that weed up, web.
There’s a young, rich guy in the room.
Finesse a n***a, no raccoon.
In June, I’ll be spending M&Ms.
Went on vacation to Cancun.
“Another CULTURE album is on the way (soon).”

The next song is “Intruder,” in which Takeoff raps about letting loose on someone who breaks into his house.

But Take’s connections are all over the place while he does this. Takeoff lets his mind run wild in this song. He talks about potato peelers, cannibalism, and even holidays like Halloween and Independence Day.

“I’ve got the right to kill ’em, Potato peeler is how a n***a peels ya.
Cannibalism, my dawg eat him (ruff!).
No Halloween, but I might trick-or-treat him or give him his freedom on July 4 (Takeoff! )”.

“Sloppy Toppy”
The title of this Travis Scott song tells you what it’s about, and Takeoff came through and let his nasty side shine on the song.

Since the song came out in 2014, it shows Takeoff doing his thing from a while ago.

“She got the sloppy top (Ugh), B***hes want my veggies.
She wants my money, Monopoly?
They want to follow me on Twitter, so I make them eat me and then throw them out of my house.

“Front Desk”
In “Hotel Lobby,” Takeoff tells his fans what’s up without giving away too much.

In particular, he remembers hanging out and getting “geeked” with some party girls while telling himself to “chill out” and not tell everyone everything.

He also talks about “cannibals” in the song, so it seems like this is a common theme for Takeoff.

“They’re cannibals (eaters). They like to get geeked up, drink a whole bottle, wake up, and do it again (Damn). She took a little (Shh), mixed it with the — (Chill out), and now she says she’s seeing in 3D (Wow).”

“Feel The Fiyaaaah”
The last song is “Feel the Fiyaaaah,” which was included on Metro Boomin’s Hero & Villains record and came out about a month after Takeoff’s death.

Take plays with the letters A through Z in his line, using them all over his part of the song.

“We’re the one they want to be (Be), Like the letter after A (Ayy).
I bought my girlfriend a new C (Chanel), and then we went to a D (Let’s go).
She said she wanted to take an E. That’s fine, but don’t go anywhere without my F&N.
No Givenchy, I’m a G.”


Happy birthday in heaven, Takeoff, and rest in peace.

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